Diabetic foot Treatment in Pune

Diabetic foot is the effect of neurological complications that is caused by diabetic blood. There are various problems that can be caused by diabetic foot. If you have any complaints regarding leg infection, you are advised to contact and consult the doctor.

Effects of diabetes on feet

  • Diabetic neuropathy: uncontrolled diabetes can lead to damaged nerves, nerve damage in legs may result in loss of feeling of heat, cold, and pain in legs. This may result in some undetected defect or infection in the legs that may worsen and become more infected.
  • Peripheral vascular disease: It refers to a condition where blood flow is restricted from the legs due to thick blood. Due to this, cuts and infections take longer to heal.
  • Athlete’s foot: it is a foot fungus infection that causes cracks, itching, and redness of the foot. This condition can be caused irrespective of diabetes, but healing can be very slow due to restricted blood flow.

Signs of diabetic foot problems

  • Swelling in leg
  • Change in skin colour
  • Change in skin temperature
  • Open sores on the feet
  • Dry cracks around the heel
  • Foot odour that doesn’t go away

Treatment of diabetic foot

The following are the successful treatment methods for foot ulcers:

  • Debridement: in this method, all the necrotic tissues that are wounded, infected, and are foreign material. It is done to reduce the spreading of infection.
  • Offloading: in offloading efforts are made to put as minimum pressure on the affected leg as possible, so that wounds and infections can heal properly. A wheelchair is the most common tool to use in offloading.
  • Infection control: if the infection is limb-threatening, a heavy dosage of antibiotics is mostly prescribed because the infections are most likely polymicrobial.


It is important to maintain hygiene and regular monitoring of legs to detect any problems early. Visit us if you are looking for a consultation for feet complications due to diabetes in Pune.