Bell’s Palsy treatment Pune

Bell’s palsy is a medical emergency that causes paralysis on one side of the face due to damage in the seventh cranial nerve, which controls muscles around the eye. Another similar condition is multi cranial nerve palsy in which the nerves from different parts of the brain are damaged. It often leads to paralysis in one side of the face and also affects hearing, speech, and vision. These two conditions can coexist, but they are usually caused by different factors. Dr. Amit Mulay is a renowned doctor for Bell’s palsy treatment in Pune.

What are the symptoms of Bell's palsy?

  • Drooping on one side of your face
  • Loss of eyebrows and eyelashes on the same side
  • Difficulty with moving eye in the same direction as the unaffected eye
  • Difficulty with swallowing and chewing food

Risk factors of Bell's palsy

Given below is the list of the possible risk factors:

  • Family history of Bell’s palsy
  • History of prior ear infection or nasal inflammation
  • Facial trauma (such as a car accident)
  • Autoimmune disorders such as diabetes or Lyme disease


Given below are the methods for Bell’s palsy treatment, Pune:



If a virus causes Bell’s Palsy, steroids may be prescribed to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

Anti Seizure medication

Antiseizure medications may also be prescribed to help reduce the number of seizures.


Corticosteroids may be prescribed if there is a risk that Bell’s Palsy could cause facial paralysis. 


Facial droop surgery is a procedure that deals with the sagging of one’s face. It can be caused by ageing, weight loss, or the extra skin from pregnancy. The surgery will tighten the muscles and the skin to create a more youthful appearance. Surgery for multi cranial nerve palsy can relieve symptoms, but it does not cure the condition.

Why Choose Dr. Amit Mulay For Your Acute Burn Surgery?

Dr. Amit Mulay is an experienced reconstructive surgeon who has been in practice for over 15 years, with experience ranging from medical surgery to cosmetic surgery. He specialises in treating multi-cranial nerve palsy, Bell’s Palsy, and other related disorders and has great expertise to treat these conditions with skill and care. In addition, he has helped many patients by performing successful facial droop surgery. So you can book an appointment with Dr. Mulay if you are looking for a treatment of multi cranial nerve palsy in Pune.