Ear lobe repair in Pune

Whether dangling or simple, women love wearing earrings, but constant rubbing and pulling of metal parts of earrings can make pin-holes in the ear lobe bigger, resulting in pinna (ear lobe) injury or bifurcation. 

Women whose ear is sensitive towards wearing large hoop earrings are prone to torn ear lobes. Therefore many women resort to earlobe repair in Pune to preserve their ear lobes while wearing earrings.

How is the earlobe repaired?

While you reach Dr. Mulay for ear lobe repair in Pune, he examines the ear. Suppose less than 60% of the earlobe is torn before fixing the tear resected tissue to close the breach.

However, if more than 60% of the ear is torn, the tear is repaired. And as soon as damage is healed/repaired (to prevent infection or permanent hearing loss), the surgeon creates a small flap with the ear skin and gives it proper shape and contours to look like original ear lobes.

 Finally, the flap is stitched in a proper sloping shape. This step requires technical precision to create symmetrical earlobes with a gently sloping contour of the ear.

The surgeon will provide you with an antiseptic solution and ask you to cleanse the repaired area with that solution to prevent infection. However, if you have ear pain, swelling, puss discharge, or any other complication, then consult the specialist immediately. 

The ear surgery usually takes about 15 minutes to 60 minutes. However, Dr. Amit Mulay, a renowned aesthetic surgeon, gives you normal or even better-than-before ear-lobes than you have. So rest assured and consult Dr. Mulay for ear surgery in Pune.