Facial Wound Repair in Pune

The facial wound may lead to a  visible scar left on the face, generally occurring due to accidents and injuries. Facial wounds can also develop due to acne and other skin conditions. Some experienced plastic surgeons stated that facial laceration is one of the most common injuries they have faced in the emergency room.

In the event of a cut on your face, press an ice-pack to the area to help stop blood flow, clean the wound with cool water, and apply antibiotic ointment and a bandage. However, sometimes serious cuts will require more care. For example, if you have severe bleeding that hasn’t stopped in ten minutes, the cut is deep, or it’s near a highly sensitive area such as the eyes, nose, or mouth, then you may want to visit a medical professional.


  • To begin, a plastic surgeon has to determine the type of wound—whether it be V-shaped, jagged, isolated, or burst, as well as any muscles, nerves, blood vessels, or bones at risk. If this injury is on your lip, a surgeon must check to ensure that it’s not associated with dental fractures. A surgical team considers these when deliberating on the next course of action.
  •  Next, the doctor will control any bleeding and clean out the wound, carefully exploring the laceration to determine its true severity. Then, depending on the patient’s needs, the specialist may administer local anaesthesia before performing any repairs.
  • The closure method is based on the wound type and the laceration depth. Sutures are typically used for wounds requiring extensive debridement or multi-layer closure.

Why Choose Dr. Amit Mulay For Facial Wound Repair?

After the laceration has been closed, your doctor instructs how to take care of  the suture line. The doctor will also fix future appointments to supervise wound healing and recommend scar diminishing gels to apply after complete wound healing. Facial scars can blemish your beauty, so if you are looking for a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Pune, book an appointment with Dr Amit Mulay to ensure quality surgery.