Rhinoplasty Surgery in Pune

Rhinoplasty, a common cosmetic surgery you might know as ‘nose job’ or “nose reshaping,’ is recommended for reshaping one’s nose to achieve facial harmony. It is a quick, safe, and easily affordable procedure that offers a permanent solution to unattractive nasal deformities. 

It can also be performed as reconstructive surgery to rectify birth deformities that cause breathing problems and repair nasal trauma. Hence, any breathing problems caused by structural defects in your nose are rectified during the same procedure.

Models, actors, and artists involved in the show business are the ones who primarily seek rhinoplasty in Pune for professional reasons. But essentially, anyone who is unhappy with their nose shape can get a nose job from the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Pune.

Who Can Get A Nose Job?

Since it is an elective procedure that permanently alters one’s appearance, cosmetic surgeons perform a thorough physical and mental analysis to ensure you are a candidate for rhinoplasty.  Some of the factors that the surgeons would confirm include:

  • If you are 18 years old or above with a fully developed nose
  • If you have any systemic disorders that can hinder the surgery
  • If your nose really is deformed to the point that it would require surgery 
  • If you are aware of the results you can and cannot expect from this surgery 
  • If you have a logical reason and goal that a nose job can help achieve
  • If you have decided on the surgery by yourself without any external influence or pressure 
  • If you agree with the nose job cost in Pune and any additional costs required in your case

Which Nose Deformities Are Treated With Rhinoplasty?

Being the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Pune, Dr. Amit Mulay performs nose surgeries for rectifying various parts of the nose individually or at once. Following are some types of these smaller nose surgeries named after the deformed nasal part they reshape.  

Nasal Tip Correction

A long or low nose, broad nasal tip, droopy tip, widened nostrils are rectified with a Tiplasty procedure. Here, the cartilage towards the tip is reshaped to change the height and width of the nose.

Nostril Reduction

This procedure is specifically performed for narrowing down wide or flaring nostrils and reshaping the sidewalls.

Deviated Septum Correction

Also called Septorhinoplasty, this procedure corrects the alignment of the septum wall that divides the nasal passages. It is recommended to people who have an inclined or curved nose.

Humped Nose Reduction

An unusual hump over the nasal bridge can be caused by overgrown cartilage or bone. It is a complex procedure that requires an expert surgeon to evaluate the cause of the hump and safely reshape the bridge.

Nose Augmentation

Like reducing, augmenting a nose is also a part of rhinoplasty where the surgeon uses the patient’s bone or cartilage grafts or synthetic silicone implants to increase the volume or length of the nose.

Hanging Columella Reduction

The curved base part of the septum is the columella. A hanging columella can be reduced by reshaping the septum cartilage to be in line with the nostrils.

How Is a Nose Job Performed?

When you visit a surgeon to get your rhinoplasty surgery in Pune, they will devise a custom procedure to reshape your nose. Most cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. The surgeon generally takes the following steps to execute the procedure.

Step 1 – Preparing for surgery

The surgeon may prefer local or general anaesthesia based on the time and extent of surgery required in your case. Once you are sedated, the surgeon will mark the incision lines over the nose for guidance.

Step 2 – Making Incisions

Typically, rhinoplasty is performed with an Open or Closed surgical approach. In the open approach, the incision is made along the columella, and the skin is lifted to make changes to the tissues. In the closed approach, the incisions are made within the nostrils. Then, the skin from the line of incision is detached and lifted carefully.

Based on the region and amount of tissues to be altered, the surgeon will discuss the best incision approach with you beforehand.

Step 3 – Altering the nasal tissues

The surgeon will either reposition the soft tissues, remove tissues, or add grafts to the nasal tissues to achieve the desired results.

Step 4 – Reattaching the skin

The lifted skin is not stretched to fit the new nasal shape and may be trimmed at the edges if necessary. The incision is closed with sutures, and you will be kept under observation for some time.

Every rhinoplasty procedure is unique and may involve additional steps.

What Is The Average Nose Job Cost In India?

Like any cosmetic procedure, your rhinoplasty cost will vary based on how the procedure is performed and the steps involved. That being the primary factor, your nose job cost in Pune will also depend on:

  • The expertise and experience of the surgeon
  • The complexity of the surgery 
  • The basic charges of anaesthetics and other medications involved during your stay
  • The follow-ups or revision surgeries involved

The average cost of a nose job surgery in India can be anywhere between Rs. 80,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/-. However, keep in mind that the higher the surgeon’s experience and surgical standards of the clinic, the better will be your nose job results.

Why Choose Dr. Amit Mulay To Get Your Rhinoplasty In Pune?

Dr. Amit Muley has spent more than 12 years in plastic surgery and has performed more than 1000 nose jobs for both cosmetic and reconstructive cases. His nose job patients never require a revision surgery thanks to his cautious and technology-driven diagnosis that ensures close to perfect results in each case. Moreover, he is a revered visiting surgeon at some of the top hospitals that offer rhinoplasty in Pune, so you can visit him at your nearest centre for safe and economical cosmetic surgery without disturbing your routine.