5 things to know before getting liposuction

5 things to know before getting liposuction

As a cosmetic surgery, liposuction in Pune liberates you from stubborn body fat. Usually, the cosmetic surgeon in Pune targets areas such as the stomach, hips, and breasts, to shape them down by removing excess fat. Hence, the process is also called body contouring or lipoplasty, given that, in most cases, it is used to even out the specified body parts. 

Most people indeed stigmatize liposuction surgery in Pune as one of the weight-losing methods. However, this is not the case, given that the surgery is simply focused on smoothing and evening out body portions and does not serve as a method to remove excess fat. That said, a few things to know about liposuction will be discussed throughout the article. 

In which body parts is liposuction performed?

Many misconceptions may suggest that liposuction surgery in Pune targets only the stomach or breast, but in reality, stubborn fat from any body part can be removed using the procedure. Here is a list of all the areas where the lipoplasty is performed. 

  • Chin
  • Back of the neck
  • Breasts 
  • Abdomen, including love handles
  • Over the triceps
  • Thighs 
  • Buttocks 

Any cosmetic surgeon in Pune can also perform the surgery in numerous other areas where fat deposits are unhindered by diet and exercise. 

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure

As mentioned previously, liposuction does not help you with your weight loss, rather, it can be used prior to your weight reduction journey to help you obtain a toned body. If you are looking to get rid of excess fat from your body, then consider exercises and proper diets to achieve better results. 

Moreover, liposuction is a purely cosmetic procedure that can also be used to treat a few other conditions listed below.

  • Lymphedema: It is a condition where lymph fluid settles in the tissues of your body.  The problem can be detected in the arms and legs of patients and can be remedied with liposuction.
  • Lipoedema: When a massive amount of fat deposits in the body, liposuction helps drain it out. 
  • Lipodystrophy Syndrome: Fat abnormally transfers from one part of the body to another, leading to a disproportion. 
  • Lipomas: Are a form of fatty tumour.

Liposuction preparation requires several weeks

If you are planning for liposuction, it is usually advised to talk to a cosmetic surgeon in Pune. He will chart out a pre-surgery plan which might take up to a few weeks of preparation. 

Firstly, you will be put on a strict diet for the required timeframe, during which you will have to avoid alcohol consumption. The concerned surgeon might analyze your medication history and restrict a few of them if required. The prep phase is all about maintaining everything to become the ideal candidate for a successful surgery. 

Liposuction recovery periods vary from one person to another

One of the major concerns that most candidates have regarding lipoplasty is how much time it will take for them  to recover, which is actually quite challenging to determine. Since the healing process depends on numerous factors, including the type of surgery, the kind of activities you are into, and more, there are a few candidates who mentioned their steady recovery within three to four weeks, while for some it might take even more time. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction

After completing your liposuction in Pune, it is typically recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle since your body can easily create the fats that were removed during the surgery. Hence, add exercise to your daily schedule and maintain a balanced diet to sustain your toned body. 

Your body proportions might be in disarray if you gain excess fat after the procedure, so it is best to stick to disciplined habits. 

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Dr. Amit Mulay-cosmetic surgeon in Pune

Dr. Amit Mulay

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With over 15 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and its subspecialties, he specialises in reconstructive microsurgery and has been performing vascularised/free tissue transfers(Free Flaps).
Bestowed with the Young Investigator Award at the International Society of Burn Injuries (ISBI) from Australia, he is a well-known plastic surgeon in Pune & PCMC with a keen interest in the head, neck, and breast cancer reconstruction, hand surgery, reconstruction of upper and lower limb trauma and cosmetic surgery for facial scars, breast, and nose.