Facelift surgery in Pune

Rhytidectomy or facelift surgery is a cosmetic surgery that changes one’s facial features to make one look younger. Our skin and facial muscles tend to lose their elasticity and suppleness, leading to sagging, wrinkling, and fatness around the edges of the face. In some women and men, this type of facial ageing occurs in the 40s and 50s, making them look much older. 

The facelift surgery aims at rectifying such signs of ageing by tightening and relocating the facial muscles and removing excess skin and fat deposits around the face, giving it a youthful life. It is a combination of multiple procedures performed on different parts of the face, which can be categorised as:

  • The forehead or eyebrow lift (the upper facelift)
  • The cheek lift (the middle facelift)
  • The neck-jowl lift (the lower facelift)


A typical facelift comprises all three parts, but each part can be treated individually as required. Our facelift surgeon will thoroughly examine your facial aspects and put together an optimal face lifting treatment in Pune at our clinic.

How is Facelift Surgery done?

Step 1 – Preparation

The facelift operation is usually performed under general anaesthetic, although sometimes, the twilight anaesthetic (local sedation) may also be preferred.

The surgeon first injects an adrenaline solution beneath the skin. This helps separate the skin layers from underlying soft tissues.

Step 2 – Incisions 

Now, depending on the facial regions to be treated, the surgeon marks the incision line such that it hides in the hairline and the natural creases. Typically, the surgeon makes an incision from behind the hairline of the temple, curving downwards to the back of the ears, finally extending horizontally inside the hairline towards the back of the head.

Step 3 – Facial Reshaping

The surgeon then lifts the incised skin carefully without disturbing the deeper tissues. In case of loose and saggy muscles, they are tightened along the jawline and cheek and mid-face. Similarly, excess fat deposits are either removed or repositioned to give your face a plump and defined shape. Double chin fat is also reshaped during this process.

Step 4 – Skin Resurfacing 

Finally, the lifted skin of the face and neck is gently stretched and pulled upwards. It is trimmed to adhere to the new facial contours. The edges are then stitched or stapled. 

Before closing the incisions, the surgeon places thin plastic tube drains under the skin to suck out any secretions of blood or fluids accumulating under the skin. 

Finally, dressings are applied over the incision lines, and the face is bandaged.

Who is a good candidate for Facelift Surgery?

A facelift is an elective procedure that can be opted by anyone above the age of 18 for rectifying facial ageing signs. But it is highly recommended in two cases:

  • To help relatively young individuals who are below 50 years of age to look younger. 
  • To assist women and men who are already in their 50s and 60s appear younger, bolder, and more rested.

People who have saggy skin over their neck, chin, cheeks, and temporal regions can benefit from the suitable procedure of face lifting treatment in Pune. 

A facelift is also the best solution for people who have a sagging forehead and brow, heavy upper eyelids, sagging jowls, or a deep nasolabial fold.

The individuals who have lost volume in the face due to other reasons and have moderate to severe wrinkles are also good candidates.

Cost of Facelift in Pune

As mentioned before, facelift surgery is a collection of multiple micro-procedures performed on different face and neck regions. Hence, the cost of your face lifting treatment in Pune will vary drastically depending on the micro-procedures required for your face. 

The cost of your procedure will also vary based on:

  • Your surgeon’s expertise
  • The surgical technologies involved
  • The number of sessions and follow-ups required to get the expected results

Considering these factors, the facelift cost starts from a few thousand to 2,50,000 INR or even more. 

So the best approach is to visit an expert plastic surgeon and discuss your expectations and options to get a tentative price estimate. Dr. Amit Mulay often offers reliable cost estimates with an optimally customised treatment plan to meet the patient’s aesthetic requirements.

Why should you approach Dr. Amit Mulay for facelift surgery in Pune?

The Plastic surgeon has many qualifications. But choosing a surgeon who specialises in specific cosmetic surgeries is the key to getting the best results. Dr. Amit Mulay is a renowned cosmetic surgeon revered as a facelift specialist by many hospitals and has his own private practice in Pune. He is a certified Plastic Surgeon and member of numerous plastic surgery associations in India.

Dr. Amit Mulay is a pioneer in performing facelift surgery for men and women, with over 12 years of experience. His comprehensive approach to providing a natural yet rejuvenated look makes his patients look naturally young and confident without any apparent surgery signs. He also ensures a safe environment for the patient and explains all the details and alternatives, so no questions are left unanswered.