Seven signs you need a breast implant revision

Seven signs you need a breast implant revision

Breast implants certainly add to your looks and appeal, but the results are not permanent. The implants are required to be replaced after a definite period. However, there are signs that you must be aware of that suggest revising your implant. In some situations, a replacement or revision is also required if you are unsatisfied with the looks of your augmented breast.

To avoid complications, it is important to understand when you need a breast implant revision and breast augmentation in Pune. The section below is the read you need to understand the obvious signs. 

Pain or discomfort in your breast

In case you are suffering from any pain or uncomfortable feeling in your augmented breast, there is a high chance that your implants are causing it. Pain is often associated with the sign that your implant is leaking, so one has to make sure and not avoid the symptoms. You might have to replace your implants if things come to that.

The pain can also arise due to damaged lymph nodes, pinched nerves, and faulty surgery, which demands a revision of the augmentation. A poorly placed implant or any surgical defect can cause serious discomfort in your daily life, and a breast implant revision is a way to fix it.

Breast implant rupture

Breast implant rupture is not uncommon and causes many complications inside the body, including pain and swelling. In most cases, the silicone implant ruptures due to accident or pressure. A rupture of an implant must be properly diagnosed, followed by further cosmetic surgery in Pune to revise the implant.

The silicone gel is harmful to your body and requires immediate disposal through surgery.

Breast implant bottoms out

In some situations, your breast skin might not be adequate to hold your implant in place; under such situations, it sinks to the bottom. The sinking implant is common as a result of aging and in the case of heavier silicones. An implant that bottoms out causes severe discomfort to your breast and demands surgical methods to fix it.

Rotating or moving the implant

There is a possibility that a breast implant will change its position and move inside your chest, which is regarded as implant displacement. It can cause discomfort and adds to the challenge of your day-to-day life. In addition, a lateral displacement to a great degree can arise due to Symmastia. In this condition, muscles detach from the breast bone, causing the implant to come together in the middle of the chest.

A rotation of an implant also alters the appearance of the breast, which ruins the purpose of getting an augmentation to begin with. An implant rotation arises in cases where the implant pockets are larger than the implant itself.

Change in shape of the breast implant

The shape of the breast implant is subject to change in case of displacement or rotation. Therefore, breast augmentation in Pune is needed in case of complications caused due changes in the shape of the implant. Not only does it irritate the general structure of the breast, but it makes it look asymmetrical.

The purpose of augmentation is to make the breast look like a person desires, and a change in shape is a blow to the sense of fulfilment.

Implants causing capsular contracture

Once you are done with your implant surgery, your body creates scar tissues to enable healing. The scar tissue creates an encasing for your implants to stay in place. If your body processes the implant as a foreign object, an excessive amount of scar tissue is created, causing capsular contracture.

There are four grades of capsular contracture, where grade one and grade two causes little to no cosmetic symptoms. However, in the case of grade three and especially grade four, one has to consider breast implant revision as it causes an abnormal breast structure followed by pain.

Undesirable breast size

There is a possibility that you may not be happy with your breast size after the implant. Sometimes you may get a different size, and in those situations, a breast implant revision is your option in those situations. Doctors will, however, recommend you wait a year to heal from the previous surgery before proceeding with any further cosmetic surgery in Pune.

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Dr. Amit Mulay

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