Scar Revision in Pune

Scars are the visible marks of a wound after it has healed. They are the unavoidable results of injury. Poor healing usually contributes to scars that are unsightly, obvious or disfiguring. Scars are very noticeable sometimes due to their size, shape, or location.

Types of scars

  • Discoloration or surface irregularities: these are just cosmetic scars and don’t cause any physical discomfort or pain of any kind.
  • Hypertrophic scars are large clusters of scar tissue that develop directly at a wound site. They cause uncomfortability and are red.
  • Keloids are larger scars than hypertrophic, and they are known to be painful and itchy. They are known to extend beyond the confines of the initial wound.
  • Contractures are the scars that restrict the movement of the part due to skin pulling on the healing wound.


  1. As with all surgical processes, the scar removal procedure starts with anaesthesia. 
  2. The doctor will then use one or a combination of scar revision techniques, depending on the scar’s type, size, and location.

Some of the common scar revision techniques are: 

  • Topical treatments: includes external factors resulting in rapid closure and healing of the scar-like gels and tapes. 
  • Injectable treatments are generally used to fill concave scars and stop the spreading and development of scars.
  • Surface treatments: used for the cosmetic treatment of scars, this treatment smoothens the treated skin reducing uneven pigmentation.
  1.  Closing the incision (if required ) is the last step of the procedure


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