Post-Breast Augmentation Care: Maintenance and Long-Term Considerations

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Post breast augmentation recovery and care are necessary to ensure a lasting result from the surgery. While the time it takes to adjust to a body may differ from person to person, the basic safety and long-term considerations remain the same for the most part. One might also experience a few hiccups in the process, including boob job pain, which is why it is important to stick to a proper maintenance procedure. 

By doing so, you will be surprised to see the breast implant before and after results. This article will cover everything you need to know about postoperative care that sets up the groundwork to retain breast beauty. 

What is the maintenance of breast implants?

Whether you have used breast injection fillers at home or an implant, maintaining them can be a bit difficult. However, the end results may surprise you as long as you follow the tips listed below:

  • A proper setup is essential to recovering after breast surgery, so make sure to rely on someone for your daily tasks and clear your schedule to give your body some rest. 
  • Consult the surgeon and follow all the postoperative care schedules to maintain the implants. 
  • Switch to as many healthy habits as possible, such as a balanced diet and regular exercise. 
  • Make sure to massage your breast during leisure, as it can decrease any post-operative swelling day by day.
  • Wear supportive bras to hold your breasts in place. 
  • Maintain a proper posture while standing or sitting to obtain more effective results. 
  • Use proper support while sleeping, as it helps with steady recovery.

What are the post-op cares for breast augmentation?

breast augmentation recovery

Post-op care after breast surgery is essential to facilitate a steady recovery. You will have to follow a prescribed medication schedule to get back to your normal life.

  • Nausea: You are likely to feel nauseated during the breast augmentation recovery phase, where the anesthesia begins to wear off. Therefore, the doctor will prescribe a series of anti-nausea medicines. Take them for the next two to three days to control the symptoms. 
  • Pain: Boob job pain in the targeted area is a common occurrence while your body tries to heal after the augmentation surgery. Therefore, be prepared to take some medication if you experience unbearable pain. 
  • Muscle cramping: You might find a few muscle relaxants in the prescribed list of medicines since cramping is a common occurrence in breast augmentation recovery.
  • Wound infection: It goes without saying that you will have to take antibiotics to prevent infections from the surgery.

What are the life changes after breast augmentation?

Here are some of the life changes to expect after breast surgery:

  • Frequent visits to the physician.
  • Expect a chest strap in the post-breast augmentation care phase. Remove them while taking a shower. 
  • All kinds of medication might affect your bowel movement, leading to potential constipation.
  • You may feel a temporary tingling sensation around the surgery area.
  • The entire area around your chest is likely to tighten up, followed by a potential boob job pain.

What not to do after breast augmentation?

Be it breast injection fillers at home or any other augmentation, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind, which are as follows:

  • Forget about heavy lifting or any form of strenuous activity for a couple of weeks or more. 
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption or smoking. 
  • Refrain from using bathtubs and use the shower instead. 
  • Do not use heating pads anywhere near the surgery.
  • Do not apply ice directly to your skin to avoid further numbness after augmentation.

Is breast augmentation high-risk?

Breast augmentation has its fair share of risk factors; after all, it is a slightly invasive procedure. It might lead to capsular contracture, a condition where scar tissues form around the implant, causing tightness and shape distortion. 

Severe breast pain, infection, and post-surgery leakage in the case of implants are also included in the list of risks associated with breast augmentation.

Do you gain weight after breast augmentation?

A breast implant is supposed to add a bit of weight to your body, but it should not exceed the total mass of the silicon. In some cases, however, women might experience a subtle weight gain after the augmentation surgery, likely caused by various temporary factors. 

They should be able to shed the extra mass by embarking on a proper breast augmentation recovery. 

For more concerns and queries about breast augmentation, consult Dr Amit Mulay. With 12 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, he is well-equipped to deliver the ideal results for any reconstruction or cosmetic procedure.


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