What is Keloid?

Keloids are excessive and abnormal scars that can form on any part of the body. They form when the healing process abnormally causes collagen to build up in excess and grow new tissues in order to seal the skin. As a result, keloid growths often take on an unusual shape or size that does not match their injury size.

Keloids have been found to be more common in people with dark complexions, mostly found among Asians, Latino, or African-Americans. These keloid scars can appear at any part of the body where the skin is significantly injured and they don’t cause any major problems.

Some of the most common types of keloids are found on the chest and shoulders, but they can occur anywhere. Keloids are unpleasant to the eye and are sometimes painful to touch. They can also have a variety of colours from your natural skin tone to white or black spots that may be very difficult to treat with a single session of keloid treatment in Pune.

What are the causes of keloids?

Typically, any condition that leads to skin cuts can develop keloids. This includes surgical incisions, piercing, skin burn, external injury, acne, chickenpox scars, and many other conditions that wound the skin cells to the innermost layer. 

To heal these wounds in all these cases, our skin produces limited collagen proteins that build new tissues to seal the damaged skin. However, if this collagen keeps building up, the scar buildup outgrows the wound itself and lumps into a keloid.

How is Keloid diagnosed?

When you visit a specialist to check for keloid in Pune, visual diagnosis is the only technique they use since they show very distinct signs. Some of these signs include:

  • Soft, pinkish, or red skin over a scar
  • A growing lump 
  • Pain, tenderness, itchiness, or burning 
  • Restricted movement or stretchability around the scar

What does treatment for keloids involve?

Keloid treatment is a common procedure that can help to reduce the size of keloids over multiple sessions. The duration between sessions depends on the condition and the technique used, but it generally lasts about one month.

Dr. Amit Mulay offers two essential types of keloid removal treatment in Pune:

Keloid Removal Surgery

Keloid removal surgery involves removing the lump directly. The procedure can be done in the doctor’s office where numbing cream is applied over the keloid, and the removal process takes not more than 30 minutes.

What is the average cost of keloid treatment in Pune?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the keloid’s state, size and location. The number of sessions it will take to level the scar and improve skin tone also determines the total cost of keloid treatment. Sometimes, a course of corticosteroid injections and laser therapies are also required for improving the scar’s appearance.

Pune is relatively cheaper compared to other metro cities as the process of raising the cost depends on demographics. Considering these factors 

Why Visit Dr. Amit Mulay To Remove Your Keloid In Pune?

Keloid scars can be difficult to remove if they are located in complex spots such as the ear edges, at the folds of joints, or over the face. Moreover, treating keloids also involves restoring the colour and evenness of the skin through a combination of advanced skin treatments. Hence, working with an experienced surgeon will always ensure better results. Dr. Amit Mulay is one of the trusted doctors for keloid treatment in Pune for the same reason.

Through his 15+ years of experience in the cosmetic field, he has treated several keloid removal cases in combination with various skin treatments. His experience has helped him become a highly recommended expert for removing complex keloids in Pune.