I Don’t Like the Shape of My Breasts: What Are My Options?

I Don’t Like the Shape of My Breasts What Are My Options

There are many women around the world, who are dissatisfied with their breast shape. While some desire a larger size, others want just the right amount of firmness to bring out their cleavage. With an endless variety of appearances, this body part surely adds to the beauty of a woman, and with the right surgery, it can be augmented to achieve desirable proportions. 

The advancement in cosmetic surgery has delivered numerous options for various breast transformations in recent years. Thus, an in-depth understanding of every cosmetic surgery in Pune will allow you to come up with an informed decision. The following article will take a closer look at some of the options that are available to achieve the desired breast shape.

What are the surgical options?

If you are on the lookout to change the shape of your breast then the cosmetic surgeon in Pune will recommend the following surgical options. 

Breast augmentation in Pune is quite common when it comes to shaping your precious body part. Using an implant, can enhance your size and fix any asymmetrical shape to meet your needs. Moreover, a less invasive surgical process can obtain a preferred size. 

The implants used in breast augmentation are either silicone or saline-based. Moreover, it retains the natural feel and appearance which is why most people opt for this cosmetic surgery.

With age, women’s breasts tend to hang low, creating a sag which can cause dissatisfaction. To fix the problem, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon in Pune to get yourself breast lift surgery. 

Female breasts are held firmly in place by their surrounding tissue, which with age and the influence of gravity, loosens up, resulting in sagginess. However, with this surgery, the tissues and the surrounding skin will be tightened, lifting the breast to where it used to be. 

The breast lift surgery, in particular, will not enhance the breast size but restores it to its natural shape. 

Consider breast reduction in Pune if your proportions feel large and heavy for you. It is another surgical process where the excess fat from the aforementioned body parts is removed along with some of its surrounding skin to give it a firm and desirable shape. 

Breast reduction surgery is a great help to those who suffer from back and shoulder pain caused by having a large chest. Moreover, it is also a great option to fix any form of asymmetry and imbalance of the breast. Many desire a consistent body shape, and this surgery will help them achieve that. 

It is not uncommon for implants to get dislocated or destroyed. However, when that happens, one should immediately settle for breast revision surgery with a cosmetic surgeon in Pune.

There is no other way around to deal with a ruptured or hardened implant, which, when kept untreated can cause severe pain and discomfort. Under such conditions, the surgeon will suggest an implant replacement or permanent removal as a part of breast revision surgery.

Lastly, breast reconstruction surgery is another solution for someone who lost a precious body part from a mastectomy or lumpectomy after breast cancer. This surgery focuses on recreating the breast using an implant or reconstructing the shape by taking tissues from the belly. 

Moreover, this is a very surgery-intensive procedure implying that you will require multiple of them before acquiring the proper shape. 

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