Hymenoplasty Surgery in Pune

Hymenoplasty is a surgery to repair the structure of a broken hymen. The hymen is a skin membrane located in the lower half of the vagina. In the hymenoplasty surgery, the hymen, which gets broken after sexual intercourse, is reconstructed invisibly. 

Why is Hymenoplasty done?

There are various psychological and physical reasons that may lead a patient to opt for hymenoplasty surgery. Given below are some such reasons.

Imperforate hymen

An imperforate hymen is a rare condition in which the hymen covers the whole opening of the vagina. Hymenoplasty surgery for imperforate hymen is performed to remove the hymen from the opening of the vagina and make it larger.

Damaged hymen

Hymenoplasty surgery restores and rejuvenates the damaged hymen, enabling the tightening of hymen.

Septate hymen

Septate hymen is the term given to a hymen with a complicated structure which can lead to hymen thickening. Hymenoplasty is done in such cases to avoid problems caused by a thickened hymen.

What are the types of Hymenoplasty surgery?

Depending on the physique and reason for opting for the surgery, Hymenoplasty can be performed in different ways. Some such techniques are explained below.

Basic technique

The basic technique of Hymenoplasty involves stitching the remnants of a torn hymen. This technique can be done as an outpatient surgery or under general anaesthesia.

Hymen reconstruction

This technique is performed when the remnants of the hymen are insufficient. So the doctor creates a completely new hymen with the tissues of the vaginal lips.

Who is a candidate for Hymenoplasty?

You are considered a candidate for Hymenoplasty surgery in Pune if:

  • You don’t have the hymen tissue
  • You want to replace the hymen
  • You are in good health
  • You are more than 18 years old

What is the cost of hymenoplasty surgery in Pune?

The cost of hymen reconstruction in Pune varies from person to person. Given below are some factors that determine the cost of Hymenoplasty in Pune:

  • Length and type of the surgery
  • Age and physique of the patient
  • Post-surgical complications that may be involved
  • Location of the clinic
  • Experience of the surgeon

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