Finger Reconstruction Pune

The pain from a triggered finger, also known as stenosed tendonitis, is equivalent to the pain someone feels when their hand or thumb twists, even though they aren’t using it. 

Trigger finger surgery helps improve the movement space for your flexor tendon. After surgery, your fingers can bend and straighten without pain.

Different types of finger surgery

  • Open surgery

Trigger finger surgery typically only takes a few minutes to half an hour, but you don’t have to stay overnight. A thin, flexible tube connects to a liquid medicine bag that flows into a tube through the needle attached. Your doctor numbs the area by injecting a local anaesthetic into your hand, then cuts about a 1/2-inch incision in your palm, inside the plane of the affected finger or thumb. With that done, they cut the tendon sheath to check the movement of your finger. And finally, they close off the cut with stitches.

  • Percutaneous release

This is a straightforward procedure that most doctors will perform for you. It’s done with a needleless syringe, and anaesthesia is usually not needed. These days, doctors can often see if they’re breaking apart the tendon sheath from looking or hearing your finger move through it. You might be more uncomfortable for a few days as your pain relief medications exit your system.

Finger surgery is recommended if

  • The muscles of the thumbs, fingers, and hands become tired, painful, or stiff from stress making tasks difficult.
  • Becoming more dysfunctional over time until a complete inability to perform daily activities exists. 
  • There is stiffness and difficulty in minimum movements post-trauma or injuries.

Care after surgery

  • Post-surgery you’ll need to wrap your finger and palm in a bandage for about a week.
  • Your expression might wince or grimace because of accumulated blood from the hand, requiring ice water for relief.
  • Take a break from driving for a few days as your fingers may not allow a firm grip.
  • Choose activities that don’t require gripping for two or three weeks until all pain has subsided and your grip is strong enough for engagement.