Facial Reconstruction Pune

Facial reconstruction is a complex and highly specialised process of restoring facial features to their original condition and repairing any damage to the mouth, nose, or ears. It can be performed on people with burns or disfiguring injuries to the face and those who have had a congenital disability.

What can be treated with facial reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction surgery can be used to treat several conditions, including: 

  • Jaw and cheekbone fractures
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Ear deformities
  • Cleft lip and palate

What are the types of facial reconstruction surgery?

Given below are the most commonly performed types of facial reconstruction in Pune:


Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nasal cartilage or nasal bone to improve breathing, and it is usually performed to enhance the appearance of a person’s nose. 


Liposuction is the process that removes excess fat from areas such as the chin, cheeks, and neck.


A cranioplasty is a surgical procedure that restores the shape of the skull after it has been fractured. The surgery typically involves replacing any bone fragments or covering up defects with implants, plates, or screws.


Otoplasty is usually done to make the ears more symmetrical, reduce protruding ears and fix drooping earlobes.

Maxillofacial reconstruction 

Maxillofacial reconstruction surgery is a procedure that restores the function and appearance of your mouth, jaws, chin, nose, or other facial structures after an injury. It may include repairing bones in the face, replacing teeth that have been lost or damaged, and repairing the muscles of your mouth.

Why choose Dr. Amit Mulay for facial reconstruction, Pune?

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